"Lucy Pattinson has a deep inner peace and special abilities to bring healing and clarity to her clients. You will have an exquisite experience with her as a Liberation Breathing® Practitioner."  Sondra Ray  "Mother of Rebirthing", writer, public speaker

"Lucy is a caring and gifted guide in this most vulnerable and profound of experiences.  Very much worth the investment to release long-held beliefs in a way talking therapy can't reach. "

Eleanor Forder Yoga Teacher

"Whether you are looking to move beyond old behaviours, negative emotions or a traumatic upbringing, Lucy provides the perfect nurturing context inside of which the magic of Rebirthing can be truly experienced"

Gregory Garrett Property Investor

"Rebirthing is a wonderfully healing process and everything I hoped for and Lucy guides you through it like a wonder" 

Danny Buckler Comedian

"Having failed, by using thought and process, to try to solve various personal challenges.

I was recommended to try the experiential approach of Liberation Breathwork guided by the fully qualified practitioner Lucy Pattinson.

The breathwork process for me has been revelatory.

Lucy has combined great skill with her kind, gentle and empathic approach in a safe and totally supported environment. This has enabled me to successfully feel and become aware of the mental blockages that I needed to address in my life. The 'breathing' experience with Lucy has given me clarity, awareness and raised my level of inner connectedness.

For the continuance of my life's journey the value to me of this process has been almost incalculable.

For anybody who may have similar challenges, I can wholeheartedly recommend Lucy Pattinson as a person to support and effectively guide you on your own journey."

Malcolm J