Testimonial from Sondra Ray - the "mother of Rebirthing"

"Lucy Pattinson has a deep inner peace and special abilities to bring healing and clarity to her clients. You will have an exquisite experience with her as a Liberation Breathing® Practitioner."

What is Rebirthing?

 The breathing technique of Rebirthing derives from an ancient Yogic breath.  It is totally safe, powerful and transformative. This conscious connected breath can bring us fully present into our bodies. If the cells awaken then the mind and body become one and the soul can reveal itself more easily. In this state decisions become clearer and revelations pop up about our day to day lives and healing . 

About Lucy

Qualified Rebirther

In 1992 I was trained to the highest level of Rebirthing Practitioner in Connecticut, USA with Bob and Mallie Mandel. 

From 2008 I started an advanced training with Sondra Ray as a Liberation Breathing® Practitioner.  This was a ten year process becoming certified in 2018.  There are currently less than 10 Liberation Breathing Practitioners in the world.

Highly Experienced

I assisted Diana Roberts in her London Rebirthing Trainings in the 1990’s. In addition to this, I assist Sondra Ray in her trainings and am currently her UK organiser.  I have rebirthed hundreds of people over the years in private sessions and in groups. It has been a great privilege for me to see so many transformations in peoples' lives through the power of the rebirthing breath.

A Typical Session (1.5 - 2 hours)


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The Process

You are welcome to have a free 45 minute consultation. This will enable you to have clarity as to whether you would like to work with me and if so the frequency of the visits and to book dates.  You can a Rebirth of one or two sessions, but the most powerful way to do Rebirthing is a series of 10 sessions to go deeper and deeper for an extraordinary healing process.

Sessions are held at my practice or via Skype 



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